Understanding an insurance agent and how to become an agent


Understanding an insurance agent and how to become an agent

Over recent years, insurance has become a promising and widely run business. This can be seen from the large number of companies that offer insurance services. Not only companies originating from within the country, there are also many insurance companies originating from abroad who also run their business in . This is one proof of how insurance can be a promising business and deserves to be maintained.


In addition to the number of companies, the number of insurance products is also growing. Insurance companies are competing to give birth to a variety of products in the services they provide. This is done with the aim of being able to achieve sales figures and bring maximum profits to the company. The many types of insurance products that are produced will certainly make customers more satisfied because they find certain insurance products that really suit their needs. That way sales figures continue to increase from time to time and the business can still run smoothly with maximum profits.


Definition of Insurance Agent


For some people, having insurance services as a form of protection is mandatory and very important to fulfill. This will prevent you from various risks of loss that can come and befall you at any time. By using an insurance service, be it life insurance or something else, you can feel comfortable and calmer because of the protection against the various risks you are facing.


Insurance is so promising, not only for use, but for business as well. The high number of insurance sales will certainly be very tempting for most people, maybe you too. You can run an insurance business legally by registering as an insurance agent.


An insurance agent will make an agreement between the insurance user (the insured) and the insurance company (the insurer), where the agreement will be arranged in an insurance agreement. With reference to the meaning, then when someone will use the services of an insurance from a certain insurance company, that person will relate / deal with an insurance agent who works for the insurance company.


An insurance agent can only work for one insurance company, in contrast to other agents who can hold two or more products from different companies. This allows an insurance agent to have the time and attention that is only focused on one company under which he is sheltering, so that the marketing he does can also run optimally and smoothly.


As we all know, insurance products are one of the products that are fairly difficult to sell. This is one of the reasons why an insurance agent is considered a reliable and resilient marketer when compared to salespeople from various other products. But make no mistake, a professional insurance agent can have an income that is far above average, or even many times the amount when compared to other marketing agencies. Promising, right.


Conditions and Ways to Become an Insurance Agent



·         Setiap agen asuransi hanya dapat menjadi agen dari satu perusahaan asuransi saja.

·         Agen asuransi wajib memiliki perjanjian keagenan dengan perusahaan asuransi yang diageninya.

·         Semua tindakan agen asuransi yang berkaitan dengan transaksi asuransi menjadi tanggung jawab perusahaan asuransi yang diageninya.

·         Agen asuransi dalam menjalankan kegiatannya harus memberikan keterangan yang benar dan jelas kepada calon tertanggung tentang program asuransi yang dipasarkan dan ketentuan isi polis, termasuk hak dan kewajiban calon tertanggung tersebut.


If you intend to become an insurance agent, then you should equip yourself with a strong desire and commitment, considering that insurance is a product that is not easy to market. You must really have a marketing soul in carrying out your duties as an insurance agent, so that you will find it easier to live the profession.


A good agent certainly must have very high trust in the product he is marketing, because that way clients will also find it easier to believe in the product. The trust from the client is the main key in the sales you will make, when someone has believed in a product, it will be easier for him to take the next action (action), namely the purchase.


Marketing a product doesn't always have to be done keeping in mind the amount of profit you will get from the sales you make, but you need to enjoy every process that takes place there, so that everything feels light and you enjoy what you are doing. This also applies when you are going to sell an insurance product, become an agent and make a sale. The following is how to become an insurance agent.


How to become an insurance agent


1. Join an insurance agency

When you intend to become an insurance agent, then you cannot go to an insurance company and register there. This happens because insurance products will generally be marketed through an agency office, so you have to go to an insurance agency company that you want to market to.


Join an insurance agency company that is legal and has good credibility in their services. Make sure you choose an insurance company that you truly believe has a good market share and a variety of products that benefit customers. This will make it easier for you to sell these products, so that you can carry out your duties as an insurance agent well and earn well too.


2. Master the Product Well

When going to sell a product, the first thing we will do is use the product and know clearly all the benefits and benefits that will be obtained from the product.


Make sure you have very good knowledge and confidence about the various types of insurance products that you will market. That way, it will be easier for you to approach and provide a detailed explanation of the benefits of each of these insurance products. Don't sell a product when you are unsure of the quality and benefits the client will get.


3. Have Good Communication Skills

An insurance agent must have good communication skills, because this will make it easier for you to make presentations and approaches to prospective clients you meet. Not only knowledge about the product, but you also need to master a variety of topics of conversation, especially those that are being discussed a lot in the general public. In general, potential insurance users are those who work and actively follow various news. For that you must understand and be able to balance their conversation with qualified knowledge. When you have good communication, clients will feel comfortable and easy to make decisions about the products you market.


4. Be a Good Listener

It's not just interesting conversations you can give clients, they want to be heard every now and then. Give your clients a chance to talk, be a good listener and be clear about what products they are looking for and want. That way, the communication that occurs can run smoothly and you can easily analyze your client's needs

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